Friday, 28 February 2014

Internal walls are up!

Week 7.

The last day of February 2014, 7 weeks in to our build... and a year to the day since we made a decision to find a pathway to this journey called home.

This week the electrical and plumbing fit out was completed, the bricks are still going up and are nearly completed, insulation was put in the external walls yesterday AND today - the plaster walls have started going up!

I must say, after so many visits to the estate, getting used to the strong winds (as there are not many houses to block the wind out), it was the strangest feeling to walk in to the house yesterday, close the temporary door behind me and everything was just..still.
It was the first time I felt a little cozy! So today being in there with most of the plaster walls up was even better. I am now starting to visualize where everything is going to go.

Apparently we are only a couple of weeks away from lock up now.

The pantry!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Another Brick in the Wall...

Week 6.

Another busy week on site has passed.
Monday saw bricks, bricks and more bricks delivered as well as associated materials.
Tuesday work commenced on the external bedroom wall. I must say we were very pleased to see how neat the brick work is compared to other places I have seen.
Weep holes are being inserted as per the bushfire provisions and the colour (Truffle by Austral Bricks) looks great!

I was a bit up and down with external colour concern this week, worried that we have gone too dark with our selections overall but after paying close attention to similar houses I think I am at ease now as our render for the front bedroom wall is a light grey (Silkwort by Dulux) and I believe this will break up the dark selections!

During the week while the brick work has been steady the electrical and plumbing fit out has commenced on the inside.

We have brackets up for our light switches, tv points, data points, ducted heating installed, fibre optics cable installed, plumbing for the bath/toilets/shower has commenced as well as power point brackets.

Mr New SS has advised us that the bricks and internal works on electrical and plumbing will take about 2 weeks in total and then we move on to internal walls!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Roof tiles = smiles!

Week 5.

Everything is still on track...not a single bump in the road (touch wood...).
We have just signed authority for our second progress payment confirming the frame stage is complete. No slowing down though!

This week we had window frames installed on the Monday, guttering,fascia, gas and hot water connections completed by the Wednesday and a house wrap, sarking and roof tiles completed by the end of Friday.

As the house is beginning to feel more enclosed I am really enjoying the visits and seeing something new every time. The whole street is mid construction (apart from one lonely block next to our site) so I feel like we have caught up with the crowd!

Bricks start on Monday!

We are still compiling our "to do list" after handover - fencing, paths, cat proofing, extra electrical work etc so I have started the ball rolling by sending some fencing quotes to our back and side neighbour for their review. I was able to obtain their contact details from the local Council within 24 hours so I am just hoping they respond within a timely manner.

I also spoke to our builder today in regards to paths around the house as we are keen to have coloured concrete matching our driveway. I was pleased to find out that the builder will provide me with the contact details of the workmen when the time comes to lay the extra concrete and this won't be an issue at all. Phew!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Frames are up!

Week 4.

The week commenced with a site clean and delivery of windows on 4/2/14.
The timber wall frames were then delivered the next day. I love the smell of pine...lots of it!

We received a call from our SS on Wednesday to let us know that he will be re-locating to another suburb so we have been allocated a new Site Supervisor :-(

Mr "New" called today to let us know the guys were putting up the wall frames as we were speaking (in the 34 degree heat!) and that the roof framing will be completed early next week. We then move on to the fascia and gutters! We like the new SS!

So we went for a sticky beak tonight and went for our first "walk through". I am extremely excited about the size of the walk in pantry and walk in linen. Huge windows on the north side of the kitchen/living, the long hall to bedroom number 4 and the size of the ensuite.

Now the exciting part - photos!

Just an update about Friday 7/2/14 - THE ROOF WENT ON.
As you can see from the above, this was not due to happen until next week.
Maybe all of my patience in the last year is feeding back good karma because this is the second time I have been told that something that is due to happen the following week happened the Friday before.
Now there is still the window frames to be fitted before I can say the framing stage is complete but the roof frames really add a further touch of excitement!

Also on Friday, we signed our first "authority for payment" form for the bank to forward funds to the builder for the completed slab stage. AKA - first progress payment.