Saturday, 29 March 2014

Internal painting

Week 11.

Good-bye plaster walls, hello paint!
I didn't visit the site this week...I mean really, do I want to go and watch paint dry?
The other half went to check on progress and reported back. He happily said that the render on the front of the house is now finished and he loves the light grey colour (Silkwort by Dulux).
Meanwhile on the inside it looks as though majority of painting has been done, as well as the eaves on the front of the house. The kitchen and windows have been covered up so the tradie could go wild with his spray gun.

Only a few photos from the outside this week.
I haven't heard from the SS (he calls every fortnight and this is the off week) so I am not sure if the tiler has set up yet. Next week should see the painting complete and the tiling would have commenced.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Fixing stage completed

Week 10.

Another long week down! Working extra hours to pay for rent and mortgage is not fun. It makes it all worthwhile when you reach another milestone though as this week saw the 'Fixing Stage' complete.

So that is 4 out of 5 progress payments and stages down with 1 final stage to go. It also means that by the end of next month, 90% of our home loan has been drawn down.

Yesterday we met up with our wonderful site supervisor for an early morning walk through of our locked up house.
All of the door frames and internal doors have been fixed, skirting boards on, architraves done, shower waterproofing and screed is set for the ensuite and bathroom, whirly bird installed on the roof, down pipes are up, laundry cupboard and man-hole are in and the front door is on.

In other good news, I have managed to discuss fencing with both my side and rear neighbours and they are both happy to have the fence erected in May when we are due to finish with the quote I have obtained...*insert sigh of relief here*.

Next week the painter is coming in followed by the tiler.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Cooking up a Kitchen!

Week 9.

Another eventful week down! All brick work is now complete and we are happy with the quality of work.

By the end of Tuesday all kitchen cabinetry was installed. The rest of the week the plaster walls were being sanded down and the front render of the house had the base coat completed.

The front door and door frames were 'hanging about' ready to be installed with the skirtings and architraves to follow.

I am currently procrastinating on the packing. I have done one box! I do enjoy a challenge of a mad rush at the end but I am trying to be more organised this time, selling off items online, donating and throwing out the useless. It's going well in my mind....just have to do it!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lock Up

Week 8.

Wow! Loving the progress so far. This week the internal walls and ceilings were completed, followed by plaster set and cornices.
I thought as the walls were thickening in that it would start to feel smaller but it doesn't, it actually feels bigger because I take more notice of the separate rooms and the turn of the entry hall into the kitchen and the turn into the hallway because I can no longer see the other rooms through timber frames!

We went to have a sneak peak today at 10am but there was a tradesman in our house starting on the kitchen and bathroom cupboards so we couldn't get in for a look. We returned after 6pm and he was still there! We managed to get our photo fix not long after he left and the ensuite/bathroom cabinets were completed and there had been a start on the kitchen.

So we are officially past Lock Up and into the Fittings stage.
Mr SS advised that the fittings stage of cabinets, cupboards, bath etc will be completed by the end of the month.

There are just a couple of windows that need bricks underneath which should be finished by Monday.
So good!